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APS Europe

A.P.S. stands for Automatic Production Systems. In other words, we make high-end machines for steel fabrication that minimise the work of an operator. Our machines process steel such as beams, angles, channels, and box  sections by:

• cutting
• punching
• shearing
• drilling
• milling
• storage
• sorting
• handling

Our mission is to automate factories for structural steel around the globe, increasing output while saving labour costs. Your efficiency is our goal.

Performance and Reliability

We have over 30 years of experience in machine building. We design, develop and produce machines using our expertise and capabilities at our factory in The Hague, The Netherlands. We pride ourselves in being a Dutch  machine manufacturer, offering a high level of service and high-quality machines.

Machine Servicing and Refurbishment

Our knowledge is not just applicable to new machines but to older machines too. We repair steel processing machines that have broken down or even refurbish them to as new standard.

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Adres Oude Middenweg 213-217
2491 AG Den Haag
Telefoonnummer +31 (0)70 2212868 E-mailadres info@aps-europe.nl Website aps-europe.nl


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